Reflections of a Philosophical Voyager  3-20 August, 2023

Avril Makula, Barbara Schmelzer, Chris Johnson, Dario Castello, Edith Csontos, Fred Pohlmann, James Elwing, Jill Gurney, John Tonkin, Joy tonkin, Ken McKeon, Lee Rolph, Margaret Scott, Monica Oppen, Nick Beckett, Sharon Peoples, Simon Grimes Ted Chapman
This unique exhibition showcasing 18 design bindings, combines historical significance with time-honoured craft and creativity. At the very heart of this fusion is a letter written in 1802 from King Island by the French explorer Nicolas Baudin to the (3rd) Governor of NSW, Philip Gidley King in the British Colony at Port Jackson (Sydney). The letter, reproduced by the State Library of South Australia in 2016, is a fascinating account by Baudin of the French laying claim to King Island. The Australian bookbinders have responded with varying interpretations to transform this historic document into a source of artistic exploration and cultural reflection, drawing inspiration anywhere from the geographic context to French-British rivalry to more emotive themes that express the direct and devastating impact of colonisation on first nations’ people and the environment. While connecting us to our past, the exhibition is an immersive and thought-provoking experience for visitors.
          The exhibition runs: 3-20 August, 2023
Exhibition Catalogue