Carol Hancock

Wild Brumbies of The Snowy Mountains

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Wild Brumbies of the Snowy Moutains


      As part of her ongoing photographic series documenting The Wild Brumbies of Australia, award-winning photographer, Carol Hancock takes the viewer on a visual journey deep into the Australian Alps, home of the elusive Snowy Mountain Brumby.   Captured in this collection are moments that provide a rare insight into the extraordinary dynamics, unique personalities, evolving hierarchy and herd behaviour of these free-roaming horses in their natural habitat.  

    A lifelong passion and sincere connection with horses, along with Hancock's intimate knowledge of the alpine terrain has enabled a close-up eyewitness to interactions only a long-established trust could permit.   Years of silent observation culminates in this faithful collection of The Wild Brumbies of The Snowy Mountains.  

26 June - 17 Sept